1. Why HartWanders?

    Nothing special. My nickname is Hart and Wanders is a common word related to travel and is easy to remember. The line “I wander, then wonder,” although very common as well, has something to do with my traveler side (wander) and writer side (wonder). 

  2. Did you quit your job to travel?

    No. I still have my 8-5 job.

  3. Are you a Tourist or a Traveler?

    ​​A bit of both. I usually spend two to three days being a tourist –visiting famous tourist spots packed with people. And then spend another one to two days being a traveler – immersing myself with the local culture, interacting with locals and exploring places that locals prefer.

  4. Are you a Backpacker or a Flashpacker?

    I’d say in between. I still prefer to sleep in an AirBnb private room or hostel rather than in a dorm with a stranger. I don’t spend too much in accommodations though (like expensive hotels or resort). But other than that, the rest of my trip is in “backpacker” way.

  5. Do you travel often?

    ​​I make it a point to travel at least twice a year – abroad and/or within the Philipppines.

  6. Who do you travel with?

    ​Usually with friends. But recently, I discovered the art of solo traveling and I plan on doing it again sometime soon.

  7. What camera do you use?

    I don’t have expensive DSLR camera or even mirrorless. I'm not keen on buying one either. I don't know why. As of the moment, I am quite contented with my Huawei P10 phone and Zhiyun mobile stabilizer. I wanted to try being a mobile travel film maker first before switching to higher gears.  

  8. What to expect from your blog?

    My blog is straight to the point. Aside from my travel adventures/misadventures and stories about other people I met while traveling, I will tell you everything you need to know - my preparations, some what, how and how much questions. And i will also try to provide some insights, some "should've, would've, could've," and a little pros and cons about my travel.

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