Karen Kristy is a full time office girl and a part time wanderer. Her vacation leaves’ sole purpose is for her travels (I feel her!). She loves anything about Korea. From Korean food, Korean television series to her KPop obsession. A true blooded BOICE (CNBlue official fans club), it’s no wonder Korea is her favorite place to travel. But she’d been to different places in the Philippines and SouthEast Asia as well. And she plans on ticking all the places in her long travel list.

Let’s learn more about our part-time wanderer - Karen!


1. When and where was your first overseas trip? 

Singapore last December 2013

2. What inspired you to start travelling?

We started travelling last 2011 in sagada mountain province. We fell in love with nature, i love the friends I’m with, so after the tour end, we keep talking on where to go next, after next, after next trip. And we didn't stop from there. Haha

3. What do you love most about travelling?

Being away from work/stress, away from any problems, being with nature,  being happy  :))

4. How do you choose your next adventure?

Mostly i am choosing the place i haven't been to.

5. How do you afford to travel?

Before i am saving my monthly salary, but since last year we have this sinking fund in the office so i already set my budget for each trip like this year. I got three 3 slots in our office fund, so for each slot i have one international destination.

6. How are you documenting your trip?

Mostly pictures and i'm printing it in a Photobook after the trip.

7. Have you tried traveling solo?

If yes, do you prefer solo travel or with someone else? Nope, but I really wanted to. The only thing that’s stopping me is my slight fear of being alone in my hotel room. Just thinking about a possible ghost in my room scares the hell out of me!

8. Are you a backpacker or a flashpacker?

Backpacking style of course! Less expenses means more travels!

9. Are you more of a tourist or a traveler?

Sometimes a tourist. Sometimes a traveler. I’m still discovering what type of a wanderer I am.

10. Three things you can’t travel without?

Camera, Money, Water

11. One thing you don’t like about travelling?

Scammers! We have been scam on our trip in Vietnam by a taxi driver. Also road accident. We witnessed one while we are on our way to our hotel in Siem Rep (Hit & Run)

 12. The first thing you do when you go back home after your overseas trip.

Sleep for 24 hours the next day haha :P

13. Funniest or most embarrassing travel moment?

On our first travel in Singapore we took a picture in front of SINGAPORE IMMIGRATION sign. People were staring at us and we don’t know why! We found out later that it’s not allowed to take a picture in there.

14. Favorite country you traveled so far and why?

Korea I have been there twice and I'm still coming back this autumn 2018 with my family. I want them to experience how safe and beautiful the country is., how easy their mode of transportation is, and how nice the people are. And of course, the food! Korean food is the best! :P If only I can come back yearly i will.


15. Do you usually interact with locals when you travel?


16. The coolest person you have met on your travels?

Our AirBnB host in Korea

17. What was the funniest/strangest/most insightful thing a local said to you? 

We have this Airbnb host in our Korea trip last spring 2016 who have this mountain climbing event every Sunday. We refused to join when he 1st invited us but then he managed convinced us to join on his next event. We are really hesitating since we don't know anyone and i don't know if we will be comfortable enough since there's also a language barrier but at the end of the trip we enjoy the climb, we get to eat the local food after the climb, enjoy the korean way of drinking while on top of the mountain with the great view of Seoul, and because of this climb i met new friends who i am still contact with until now. Thanks to our host so if ever I will get a chance to this again i will definitely do it.

18. Where do you plan to travel next?

I already booked a flight this June for my Bangkok trip with my mother and on november we are going in South Korea (manse!).

19. Do you think people should try travelling?


20. Any advice or tips for those planning to travel?

Always bring extra money while travelling even if you already plan or you have an estimated expenses. It is always a good thing you are prepared for unexpected expenses.     When booking a trip it is always a good thing to book early or wait for the promo so you can budget well. And lastly, file your vacation leaves ahead of time!


You can check out her instagram account, Karen Kristy, for more of her travel photos!

Til our next “Uncover a Traveler” sesh!