I met Lance through our love for books and writing. He’s a teacher by profession and at the same time writes for Precious Hearts Romances under the pseudo name of “Ravene Valdrez.” A wide reader, movie/series buff and calls himself “The Alien Traveler.” He’d been to different places in the Philippines and in SouthEast Asia and his instagram profile will be the proof of that! He takes amazing travel photos, not to mention incredible poses that only he can pull off (I know I can’t!).


That is why, when I got this idea of featuring fellow travelers, he was at the top of my mind. And I’m so glad he granted me this interview. So together, let’s uncover more about our fellow traveler – LANCE!


1. When and where was your first overseas trip?

Cambodia – Thailand

2. What inspired you to start travelling?

The idea of finding yourself in a place so strange to you.

3. What do you love most about travelling?

Learning and embracing new cultures. It makes me humble seeing and interacting with people of all walks of life in a certain place.

4. How do you choose your next adventure?

Not crowded. One that I can enjoy the simple gifts of life - the nature.

5. How do you afford to travel?

I plan and budget 3-6 months before the travel date

6. How are you documenting your trip?

I bring with me the most important travel companion – CAMERA

7. Have you tried travelling solo?

Yes, I tried.

8. Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

It depends on the purpose, but I prefer to travel with my 2-3 friends - for better picture. 

9. Are you a backpacker or a flashpacker?

Backpacker for life!

10. Are you more of a tourist or a traveler?  

Definitely, Traveler!

11. Three things you can’t travel without.

Camera. Passport. Headset.

12. One thing you don’t like about travelling?

Delayed flights

13. The first thing you do when you come home after your overseas trip?

Sleep. I don’t get enough sleep when I travel.

14. Funniest or most embarrassing travel moment?

I got mistaken as a waiter in Thai restaurant. They said I looked like a Thai. 

15. Favorite country you traveled so far and why?

Vietnam! Good companion. Low cost of living - the cheapest. Cold weather. Not crowded. And their tourist spots are one of a kind. Da Lat, Vietnam is everything I want in a destination.

16. Do you usually interact with locals when you travel?


17. The coolest person you have met on your travels.

His name is Phuong.

18. What was the funniest/strangest/most insightful thing a local said to you?

He said that no one can change the nature but the nature can change you. And he said it through Google translation! We love him! 

19. Where do you plan to travel next?

South Korea / Japan / Morocco

20. Do you think people should try travelling? Why?

Yes! I think travelling makes people appreciate what they have. It makes someone see the underrated things he has.

21. Any advice or tips for this planning to travel?

Go travel. Travelling is never a leisure, it is never for the rich. It is for everyone. Life is made to explore the world and wander the wonders of life. Learn. Experience. Embrace.


You can check out his Instagram profile, Lance1148, for his amazing travel pictures and his facebook account, Lance Valdrez, where he posts his travel stories, tips and guides of his recent travels!


Til our next “Uncover a Traveler” sesh!