There are already thousands of travel blogs (and vlogs) scattered in the internet nowadays, some of them are even doing it full time, so why make another travel blog?

I know, I know! Trust me, I’ve been asking that same question for weeks before I finally made up my mind. I had been contemplating and thinking of what to write other than the usual travel blog:

  • I thought about doing calligraphy and watercolor painting. But I heard it’s an expensive kind of hobby. So it’s a NO-NO.
  • Make up Tutorial is not possible either. My make-up skills are below beginner/amateur level. And I’m not exaggerating.
  • I also considered having a Maan Beltran site with all my published books and book previews. But my Facebook and Wattpad accounts are already doing that job and I’m quite satisfied with it.
  • Vlogging also crossed my mind. But I immediately scratch the idea because I, for one, don't like seeing myself in the camera. I don't even know how to take selfies (seriously. No joke). And I avoid close up pictures.

In the end, I left with “travel” as my last and only option. Because this is where I’m familiar at.  And I also started doing some mobile travel videos two years ago and so far, I’m enjoying it.


Again, I’m totally aware of that question. If I had to compare myself to other travel bloggers, yes I am waaaay too late. But I am learning to live a life where I try not to compare my level of success to the success of others. I want to believe that I’m not too late but just a late bloomer in this kind of thing and I’m just following my own timeline.

See, some of my friends teases me as the "Jack of all trades, Master of none." I guess that’s true. I just know many things. I was never an expert of something. And no, this is not one of those self-pity moments. I know a bit of almost anything but I never attempted to focus on learning one thing because I am always okay with learning the basics. I never took it seriously. I didn't gave myself enough time to master one thing. As much as I hate to admit this but, like relationships, I suck at commitment and patience. LOL. I know. Only just recently that I thought about challenging myself. Do something that I don't usually do. Start something and force myself to commit to it. Hence, this blog is born.

So maybe I am starting too late or maybe I shouldn’t have started this in the first place. But I was reminded of something my editor said when I was still starting as a writer. She told us during our writing workshop, "Don't think about the fame and royalties right away. WRITE TO EXPRESS, NOT TO IMPRESS."

So yeah, I blog because I want - TO EXPRESS.

IMPRESS comes after it.